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SEO: Backlink Checker – How to check his backlinks free

Back links to your website is a very important point in the search engine optimization. What are backlinks and why they are so important, can be found here. Many webmasters often refer as many back links to your website. However, how can you check that? What are the best tools?

Some tools to check backlinks

A very nice tool is the Ajax Backlink Checker x4d tools. There you can easy and free the backlink structure of various sites to retrieve. The advantages of Ajax Backlink Checker X4D Tools is simple: He is awesome and clearly, you can very quickly get a good overview. Simultaneously, the PageRank of each backlinks is indicated by this backlink check.

Another interesting topic Backlink Check Tool is the Backlink Analysis tool. Here also some other interesting analyses are shown. For example, the internal links of a website can be viewed here with the backlink check. These are also important information for a webmaster. Furthermore, external links will be displayed, but which are marked with the NoFollow attribute. The NoFollow attribute prevents further inheritance of PageRank on the linked website. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know how the site visitors actually are. A third tool is the Open Site Explorer from the company SEOmoz. The tool provides interesting statistics. In the free version can use some features. For example, you can sort the backlinks according to their anchor text.

Why should you check its backlinks regularly?

You should periodically with a backlink check his website backlinks checker. Firstly, reveal the number of backlinks a good indicator of the popularity of your website. On the other hand, have many backlinks to draw conclusions about the quality of a website. For example, you can easily find out how to strengthen their position in the search engines this through the check of competing websites, so you can get an idea of the competition sites.