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SEO: Why Backlinks are not everything – A look into the future

Backlinks and SEO in general play in the ranking on the search engines a supporting role, no question. However, often-limited to just the web starter on building backlinks and SEO operate for templates of different websites. However, is that all? No! There is a lot more important things than collecting backlinks.

A quick glance at the assessment by Google

One cannot deny that backlinks play an important role in ranking. Course onpageSEO measures play a role. To understand this, we need to think back to the beginnings of Google. The purpose of Google is to provide a seeker evaluation. In order to provide a good seeker, it means high-quality results, so Google had to develop a system that processed the query results accordingly.

This had to be created a kind of reputation. A basis that represents a value at which you can measure how valuable a site is and how good their content. Manually, you cannot make this reputation; the Internet is growing too fast. Although a manual, assessment of a site would achieve the best result with certainty. So had to be a mathematical calculation, an algorithm.

To create a reputation for a website, Google decided to look for backlinks and various other features. Why? It was assumed, which would link to a page where they provide valuable and high-quality information, because so does the Internet. The more valuable, the content, the more backlinks got the page. This suggests, as in content and quality of a link to a page, which in turn has itself many backlinks.

It can be concluded from the following: If a page has many backlinks, it is top quality. Therefore, a link from a quality website is worth more than a link from a cheap, poor website. The indicator for this value is called PageRank. The higher the PageRank, the higher the quality the page. Sounds logical!