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SEO: Link and Article Sale

More and more blog and website owners to sell links on their websites and products. Apparently this is now common practice, because the frequency of such products is growing rapidly and, although Google clearly going against it.
The guidelines of Google

First, it must be clarified that the sale of all or links articles violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Those who do not comply with the webmaster guidelines, will eventually downgraded by Google, thereby losing much of the important Google traffic.

Detect paid links and articles

To detect paid links or product is often easier than you think. Therefore, one must only know how to link the trading works.

Most links are traded via special platforms. The exchange always follows the same pattern.The advertiser specifies a keyword, which is to be linked. The blogger then gets the job around that keyword to formulate an article. This succeeds then more or less well. Thus, in almost every case is the procedure. However, there are some ways to recognize a link sale almost at first sight. What are they?

There are mostly hard linked keywords. Then a tough keyword is linked and another linking carried out, which shows on the same site, but with the anchor “here” or “This page”. For example, the topic onpageSEOhas already been discussed umpteen times, but is there another article with the same info as always, just so fits the keyword. It is very cheap when the keyword does not fit the content. That actually is relatively common.

If an SEO blog writes about the new Toyota or through an online casino, then the situation is clear.The consequences for bloggers sell the links are usually fatal for the blog. Google is not stupid and recognize links purchased relatively quickly. It follows a punishment. The site loses ranking and thus massive traffic through Google.However, we can say that the link sale is attractive because it can be relatively quickly generate relatively much revenue.

However, most of the success is short-lived. Either you lose your reader or ranking in the search engines, or both.